Supply List

Kindergarten Supply List 2020-2021

  • Each child owes $32.00 for the following items listed below. (I decided this would be the best option for everyone and would take the stress of buying “specific” supplies for class off your shoulders.) Mrs. Amy and I will separate all items for the students prior to the first day of class. This will help us in preparing each child for virtual & face to face learning. We are so very excited to teach your child this year in Kindergarten!!

  • Please check out the Printable Version for more details.

  * Your child will also NEED two sets of Headphones (One Pair To Keep at School for Their Device & One Pair To Keep At Home For         Virtual Learning Purposes)

  * 1 Water Bottle for Classroom Use (Please make sure this isn't larger than 20oz.) For your child's safety and easy access, a Bottle         with a "pop-able" lid and a straw might be best. 


The document below holds some items our classroom needs. If you are able to help supply some of these items, it would be greatly appreciated!!  I will be posting a sign up sheet (via email) to sign up for one week throughout the year to supply snacks and extra bottles (small) of water for snack time purposes. Snack will be at the END of the day since lunch will be so early. 

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