Supply List

Kindergarten Supply List 2019-2020

  • Backpack (no wheels)                                                                                   Boys- 3 Boxes of Tissues

  • Lunch Box                                               

  • 2 Boxes of 8 Count Crayons (NO big boxes)             

  • 3 Marble Composition Books                                                                      Girls- 3 Bottles of Clorox Wipes

  • 1 Handwriting Tablet/Notebook

  • 3 Packs of #2 Pencils                                                       

  • 3 Reams of Standard White Copy Paper

  • Excitement for Learning :)

The items listed above will be used by your Kindergartner Daily.  We have limited storage space in our classroom, so we will ask you for items like Clorox Wipes, Baby Wipes, and Kleenex on an as needed basis.

2018 Sara Kennedy

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